• JPM/3/4/4

    Newspaper cuttings concerning disputes and changes in personnel within the navy Item

    Jan 1966-Dec 1966
    Newspaper articles concerning the resignation of Christopher Mayhew as Minister of Defence for Navy following disputes over naval policy and JPW Mallalieu being appointed his replacement as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Navy. The articles also concern the potential impact of these disputes for the upcoming General Election in Mar 1966 and news of a further dispute in Dec 1966 between the First Sea Lord, Sir Varyl Begg, and the Admiralty Board over the future role of the Roal Navy.
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  • JPM/3/4/5

    Newspaper cuttings concerning the 1974 General Election Item

    Newspaper articles concerning JPW Mallalieu's campaign and victory in the 1974 General Election, held on 28 Feb 1974, collected by the Mallalieu family. The cuttings are taken from the Huddersfield Examiner.
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  • JPM/3/4/6

    Newspaper cuttings concerning JPW Mallalieu's retirement Item

    Newspaper articles concerning JPW Mallalieu's retirement as MP for Huddersfield East (and formerly Huddersfield before the constituency was split in 1950). The file includes many articles and interviews that provide a concise biography of Mallalieu's life and political career, including: a letter that Mallalieu wrote to the editor of the Huddersfield Examiner upon his retirement thanking his colleagues and the constituents of Huddersfield for his career; an article containing an interview with Mallalieu in which he gives his opinion on famous postwar political figures including, Atlee, Bevin, Bevan, Gaitskell, Macmillan and Thatcher; and articles which relate to the 1979 General Election and Mallalieu's successor as Labour MP for Huddersfield East, Barry Sheerman. The file also includes a copy of Yorkshire Life magazine, Mar 1979, which includes an interview with Mallalieu about his life and work, p50-51.
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  • JPM/3/4/7

    Newspaper cuttings concerning JPW Mallalieu being made Freeman of Kirklees Item

    Jan 1980
    Newspaper articles concerning Sir Joseph Percival William Mallalieu becoming the first Freeman of Kirklees. The ceremony took place on 27 Jan 1980 in the Great Hall at Huddersfield Polytechnic University. The articles cover the events of the day and include concise biographies of Mallalieu's life and career.
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  • JPM/3/4/8

    Newspaper cuttings concerning JPW Mallalieu's death Item

    Newspaper articles concerning JPW Mallalieu's death on 13 Mar 1980. The file includes obituaries from local and national newspapers collected by the Mallalieu family. The file includes a Letter to the Editor on the news of Mallalieu's death of the Huddersfield Examiner from Sir Harold Wilson, James Callaghan, Barry Sheerman and other notable Kirklees political figures. The file also includes two photocopies of Mallalieu's death certificate.
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  • JPM/3/5

    Lady Rita Mallalieu records Series

    Personal correspondence and family records of Lady Rita Mallalieu, Labour Councillor and wife of Sir Joseph Percival William Mallalieu. The records include: correspondence concerning Rita's father, Jack Tinn, as a previous Manager of Portsmouth FC; correspondence sent from her husband, JPW Mallalieu; letters of condolence following the death of her husband on 13 Mar 1980; and newspaper cuttings concerning her career and that of her daughter, Ann Mallalieu.
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  • JPM/3/5/1

    Employment reference request for Rita Mallalieu for a post in Government employment Item

    16 Sep 1939-5 Dec 1939
    Sent by the Ministry of Labour, Employment Exchange, Portsmouth, to Major General Bernard Law Montgomery (later 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein), care of The War Office, London.

    Major General Bernard Law Montgomery completed the reference form in his capacity as President of Portsmouth Football Club where Rita Tinn was an Assistant Secretary.
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  • JPM/3/5/2

    Records concerning Jack Tinn Item

    4 Jun 1947-4 Jan 1965
    Letters and a newspaper article relating to Jack Tinn, father of Lady Rita Mallalieu and manager of Portsmouth FC from 1927-1947. The records include letters sent to Tinn concerning his resignation from Portsmouth and his subsequent relationship with the club, as well as a letter of congratulations sent to Aston Villa for appointing Tinn as Chief Scout at the club.
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  • JPM/3/5/3

    Various personal correspondence Item

    21 Jul 1947- 1990s
    Personal correspondence sent to Lady Rita Mallalieu which includes: letters sent from Captains of HMS Hermione, which she had launched in 1967, concerning news of the ship and arranging for her to visit; two letters from Michael Foot regarding parties that they had attended; a letter from Mike Shaw of the Huddersfield Examiner thanking Lady Mallalieu for her letter and recalling memories of working with 'Bill' (Joesph Percival William Mallalieu) as journalists; a letter from [Paddy?] thanking Rita for her 'kindly thought in coming along to Pompey' and hoping that she will accept the cigarette box that he sent as a token of his thanks; and a letter sent by her grandaughter Sophie regarding a premium bonds win and enquiring about purchasing her grandmother's car. The file also contains a change of address card for Lady Mallalieu.
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  • JPM/3/5/4

    Letters sent from JPW Mallalieu to Rita Mallalieu Item

    c 1950s
    Personal letters sent by 'Bill' (Sir Joseph Percival William Mallalieu) to his wife Rita Mallalieu while he was working away from home in London, Warrington and Bahrain. Within the letters JPW Mallalieu discusses the work he's been doing and makes arrangements for returning home or for their next meeting elsewhere. The correspondence includes: one letter in which Bill discusses being offered a flat in Paddington for £3 a week that was owned by 'Joch and Audrey Stewart', the later being editor of Vogue magazine, 1940-1960, and who had been his friend from Oxford; a letter in which Bill discusses being offered work writing articles for a number of publications including the International Observer, the Sunday Pictorial and Lilliput; a letter in which he discusses a talk that he provided at the Theatre Royal; and a letter from Bahrain where Bill was visiting a naval base, he describes the conditions at the base as well as the conditions onboard ships and submarines in the area.
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