• JPM/2/12

    Huddersfield East Constituency Labour Party Bulletin No 2 Item

    Jan 1978
    Includes a message from Barry Sheerman as the prospective parliamentary candidate for the upcoming election, a message from JPW Mallalieu as the outgoing MP for the constituency, a message from Jeremy Cuss (Huddersfield Labour Party President), and details of the Kirklees District Elections 1978, the Branch Secretaries and social events.
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  • JPM/2/13

    Records concerning NHS dental services Item

    Notices concerning NHS dental services in Huddersfield collected by JPW Mallalieu in relation to a case of one of his constituents.
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  • JPM/2/15

    Records concerning servicemen and housing policy administration in Huddersfield Item

    Records concerning servicemen, housing policy and its administration in Huddersfield collected by JPW Mallalieu in relation to a case of one of his constituents. The records include: a 1968 housing revenues accounts summary for the Huddersfield and Yorkshire areas; correspondence with the Huddersfield County Borough Housing Department concerning a constituent's case; and policy and guidance notes relating to housing and the War Office.
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  • JPM/2/17

    The House Magazine Item

    17 Jul 1978
    The House Magazine collected by JPW Mallalieu, the magazine was a weekly publication when Parliament was sitting. Contains a brief biography of David Owen MP for Plymouth and Devonport, who was Under Secretary for the Navy in 1968.
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  • JPM/2/18

    Speech toasting Sir William and Lady Mallalieu upon his retirement Item

    Typed copy of a speech presented by The Huddersfield Labour Party toasting Sir Joseph Percival William Mallalieu and Lady Rita Mallalieu upon JPW Mallalieu's retirement as MP for Huddersfield East in 1979. The speech covers a concise biography of Sir William and Lady Mallalieu's life and careers and thanks them both for their contribution to the Party and the constituency.
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  • JPM/3

    Personal papers Subfonds

    Personal papers of Sir Joseph Percival William Mallalieu and his wife Lady Rita Mallalieu. The papers include personal correspondence and family history records, photographs of JPW Mallalieu with his family and friends and in his role as an MP, newspaper cuttings concerning his political career, and records concerning Lady Rita Mallalieu's life and career.
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  • JPM/3/1

    Personal and family correspondence Item

    28 Jan 1927-31 Jan 1980
    Correspondence sent or received by Joseph Percival William Mallalieu to/from his friends and family, including: a letter dated 28 Jan 1927 sent by Wilfred Wood to 'Master Percival & Master Richard' concerning news 'since they left Lockwood for school; a letter dated 12 Apr 1935 from the Evening Standard confirming Mallalieu's appointment; a letter dated 26 Mar 1940 from the Daily Express confirming Mallalieu's appointment; a letter c1945 from Mallalieu's colleagues at the Daily Express enclosing fish knives as a wedding present; an undated letter from Michael Foot MP thanking Mallalieu for his last letter; a letter dated 15 Feb 1961 from Tyne Tees Television Ltd offering Mallalieu the job of Chairing a programme discussing the qualities of leadership in front of an audience of school leavers; a letter dated 27 Oct 1975 from the National Union of Journalists welcoming Mallalieu to life membership of the Union; letter dated 30 Dec 1977 sent to Mallalieu's son Ben concerning family news; letters dated 1979 from and to Peter Blackburn enclosing a cartoon strip drawn by Peter; a letter dated 11 Dec 1979 from (Alderman) Clifford Stephenson congratulating Mallalieu on being made Freeman of Kirklees; a letter dated 13 Nov 1979 sent by Mallalieu to Nuffield Orthopedic Centre enquiring about the timing of his hip operation; and a letter from JPW Mallalieu's sister thanking him and Rita (Mallalieu) for their weekend together.
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  • JPM/3/2

    Mallalieu family history Series

    20th century
    Articles and resources concerning the history of the Mallalieu family and the Saddleworth area
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  • JPM/3/2/1

    Tales of Delph Item

    Second Edition. Concerns the history and stories from the village of Delph, now part of the the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, but historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire. JPW Mallalieu was born and grew up in Delph.
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  • JPM/3/2/3

    The Saddleworth-American Connection Item

    Contains biographical information about members of the Mallalieu family who emigrated to the United States of America in the 19th century
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