• JPM/1/5

    Reviews of On Larkhill Item

    Newspaper and magazine article reviews of On Larkhill by Joseph Percival William Mallalieu, an autobiography about the early years of his life. The reviews were collected by his wife Lady Rita Mallalieu.
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  • JPM/1/6

    Publisher correspondence Item

    Correspondence sent to Lady Rita Mallalieu by publishers concerning the publication of, and royalties received from, JPW Mallalieu's books. The records include letters sent by Alison & Busby publishers concerning the publication of On Larkhill, JPW Mallalieu's autobiography, and correspondence enclosing balance sheets from Reg Davis-Poynter regarding royalty payments received for JPW Mallalieu's book Very Ordinary Seaman.
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  • JPM/2

    Political papers Subfonds

    Records concerning Sir Joseph Percival William Mallalieu's political career as Labour MP for the Huddersfield, and Huddersfield East constituencies. The records include material relating to the Labour Party and material relating to his work within his constituency and as a Member of Parliament and Minister of State.
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  • JPM/2/2

    JPW Mallalieu Labour Party campaign material Item

    Leaflets and adverts for Joseph Percival William Mallalieu's General Election campaigns for the Labour Party for the Huddersfield, and later Huddersfield East, constituencies. The file also includes two editions of The Huddersfield Citizen newspaper, one of which is a Special Edition promoting Mallalieu's 1945 General Election campaign, and two leaflets for Rita Mallalieu's election campaign for the Buckinghamshire County Council elections on 5 May 1977.
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  • JPM/2/4

    Parliamentary Debates: House of Commons Official Reports and House of Lords Official Reports Subseries

    2 Sep 1939-5 Sep 1939
    House of Commons and House of Lords Official Reports collected by JPW Mallalieu MP. These reports cover the outbreak of the Second World War. The specific reports included are: House of Commons Official Reports Volume 351, Nos 160-163, and House of Lords Official Reports Volume 114 Nos 104-108.
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  • JPM/2/5

    Index of constituents' cases Item

    1945-[c 1970s]
    Index of the individual cases of constituents sent to JPW Mallalieu as MP for Huddersfield (1945-1950) and Huddersfield East (1950-1979). For each case the index contains: a case number; name of the person/group, occassionally with a contact number; brief description of the subject or issue raised; and sometimes details of the outcome.
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  • JPM/2/6

    Invitations, seating plans and orders of ceremonies Item

    Invitations, seating plans and orders of ceremonies for events that Joseph Percival William Mallalieu attended in numerous capacities, but mostly as Labour MP for Huddersfield and later Huddersfield East constituencies. The file includes: an invitation to an afternoon party at Buckingham Palace on 10 Jul 1947; an invitation to a private view and reception at the Tate Gallery of the opening exhibition of South African art on 28 Sep 1948; an invitation and seating plan for a Luncheon as part of the visit of Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh, and the Duke of Edinburgh to Huddersfield on 26 Jul 1949; an order of service for a service in memory of Aneurin "Nye" Bevan at Westminster Abbey on 26 Jul 1960; an order of service for the funeral of Arthur Gardiner at Huddersfield Crematorium on 8 Jul 1971, with JPW Mallalieu's speech notes for the oration that he gave during the ceremony; an order of proceedings and seating plan for a ceremony to mark the bicentenary of the United States of America at Westminster Hall on 26 May 1976; a menu for the Kikrless Metropolitan Council Civic Ball on 14 Jan 1977; an order of service for a service of thanksgiving for the life and work of Edward Lancelot Mallalieu, knight, QC at St Margaret's Church, Westminster on 18 Mar 1980; and an order of proceedings and menu for the presentation of The Honorary Freedom of the Borough of Kirklees to Sir William Mallalieu at Huddersfield Polytechnic University on 27 Jan 1980, with handwritten notes that may have been JPW Mallalieu's speech notes for the event.
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  • JPM/2/8

    Various notes and letters received or written by JPW Mallalieu Item

    Correspondence sent to Joseph Percival William Mallalieu and rough notes written by Mallalieu while MP for Huddersfield East. The correspondents includes; a letter from Harold Wilson that references Huddersfield Town football players; a letter from Michael Foot expressing his worry for Mallalieu's situation and suggesting advice; at a copy of a letter from Jim Callaghan dated 31 Mar 1979 thanking Mallalieu for his letter and expressing disapointment that 'we shall not see you back'.
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  • JPM/2/10

    Letters congratulating JPW Mallalieu on becoming Minister for Technology Item

    Jul 1968
    Correspondence congratulating Joseph Percival William Mallalieu on becoming Minister of State at the Ministry of Technology and correspondence thanking him for his work as Minister of State at the Board of Trade, the file also contains some of Mallalieu's replies to these letters. The correspondents include: Harold Wilson MP; William Thomas Wells MP; Lord Geddes; the British Airports Authority; the British Aircraft Corporation; British Air Line Pilots Association; Rolls Royce Limited; Umit Haluk Bayulken (Turkish Ambassador).
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  • JPM/2/11

    Letters concerning JPW Mallalieu's visit to South America in 1969 Item

    Oct 1968-May 1970
    Includes a letter sent by J C Petersen at the British Embassy, Rio De Janeiro, containing a detailed report on Joseph Percival William Mallalieu's visit to Brazil as Minister of Techology. The report was sent to Charles Wiggin, American Department, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London. The file also includes a letter concerning the production of Mallalieu's report on his visit in which he stresses the a thorough examination of 'technical assistance, credit and investment, commercial approach (especially computers) and nuclear sales in South America'.
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