• CVL/EM/2/5

    The Huddersfield Citizen, Election Special newspaper, Feb 1950 Item

    Feb 1950
    Contains the lead story of 'Mallalieu - For You!'
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  • CVL/EM/3/4

    Newspaper cuttings relating to the Colne Valley Labour Party Item

    Various newspaper articles relating to local politics and the Colne Valley Labour Party. The articles concern a wide range of stories including: recollections of Harold Wilson opening the Golcar Socialist Club; Yunus Chowdrey declining the invitation to follow JPW Mallalieu as Labour candidate for Huddersfield East upon Mallalieu's retirement in 1979; and the Colne Valley Urban District Council and Holme Valley Urban District Council's opposition to the local government reorganisation recommended in the Maud Report.
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  • CVL/GV/1/1/1932

    Colne Valley Divisional Labour Party minute book Item

    The volume includes minutes of the Party's Executive Committee Meetings, Annual General Meetings, Election Committee Meetings, Rally Arrangement Committee Meetings and Meetings of the Prize Draw Sub-Committee. The minutes record: the Party's adoption of the Victory for Socialism Scheme; the Party's adoption of the policy to raise the age of compulsory education up to 15; the emergence of an Anti-War policy in the constituency; the Party facing financial difficulties in 1935; and the election of Ernest Marklew as Labour MP for the Colne Valley on 14 Nov 1935 (defeating the sitting Liberal Party MP, Lance Mallalieu).

    The minutes also record the Executive Committee's attitudes and opinions towards international issues and events: on 24 Feb 1934 the minutes record the Committee's reaction to the events of The Austrian Civil War in Feb 1934, 'this meeting extends to our Austrian comrades our deep sympathy in the distress and loss of life caused by the brutal (Engelbert) Dollfuss and his followers. At the same time we congratulate our comrades on the gallant, but unsuccessful, defense of their freedom and liberty'; on 8 Jul 1934 the minutes record the Party's reaction to the arrest of political prisoners in Nazi Germany, as it was agreed that 'letters be sent to the "Reichschancellor, Berlin" and to the German Ambassador urging that (Ernst) Thälmann (leader of the Communist Party of Germany, KPD) and all other political prisoners should be released or promptly brought to public trial before a proper legal tribunal'; regarding the Spanish Civil War, on 2 Aug 1936 the Executive Committee agreed to send a circular 'to affiliated societies etc. appealing for help for the Spanish Workers, who are suffering hunger and poverty, through the war caused by the capitalist classes in their efforts to upset the present government of Spain; on 13 Mar 1938 the Executive Committee thoroughly condemns the actions of the current government over its handling of 'foreign affairs and calls for all democratic powers to restrain the fascist powers aggression in Spain and Austria';
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  • CVL/GV/1/3/1

    Bradley Ward Labour Party minutes Item

    The volume contains the minutes of the Bradley Ward Labour Party Committee meetings and Annual General Meetings. The minutes record that Joseph Percival William Mallalieu, MP for Huddersfield East, spoke at a number of meetings.
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  • JPM

    Sir Joseph Percival William Mallalieu MP Archive Fonds

    The collection comprises the literary, political and personal papers of Sir Joseph Percival William Mallalieu (1908-1980), MP, journalist, author and naval officer. The records include: copies of JPW Mallalieu's publications and reviews of his literary works (1942-1985); records concerning Mallalieu's political career (1911-1979) as Labour MP for Huddersfield, 1945-1950, and Huddersfield East, 1950-1979, including both his work in his constituency and as a Minister of State in Harold Wilson's government, 1964-1970; and personal papers (1927-1992) collected by JPW Mallalieu and his wife, Lady Rita Mallalieu, including family correspondence and newspaper cuttings and photographs concerning the Mallalieu family and their careers.

    Also three exhibition boards of J. P.W. Mallalieu (MP for Huddersfield East) one at the Labour Rooms in Huddersfield with Barbara Castle in 1962, one of his visit to Bradley Children's Home in 1963 and one of him meeting his constituents also in 1963 [Local History Exhibition at the University of Huddersfield, 2006]
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  • JPM/1

    Literary papers Subfonds

    Papers concerning Sir Joseph Percival William Mallalieu's literary career. The records include copies of his publication Passed To You, Please and On Larkill, as well as reviews of On Larkhill and correspondence concerning the publication of, and royalties received from, JPW Mallalieu's works.
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  • JPM/1/1

    Passed To You, Please Item

    "Passed To You, Please" Britain's Red-Tape Machine at War. JPW Mallalieu's book criticising the practices and procedures of the Civil Service. With an introduction by Prof Harold J Laski.
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  • JPM/1/2

    Passed To You, Please Item

    "Passed To You, Please" Britain's Red-Tape Machine at War, 9th impression. JPW Mallalieu's book criticising the practices and procedures of the Civil Service. With an introduction by Prof Harold J Laski.
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  • JPM/1/3

    Draft articles Item

    c 1945-1947
    Two undated draft articles written by Joseph Percival William Mallalieu. One article contains Mallalieu's account of a flood that took place in bad weather on Monday 29 May 1944 at Holme, the article was written in Portsmouth .The second article concerns JPW Mallalieu's reflections upon a speech that Edward Rosslyn Mitchell MP made in the House of Commons on 15 Dec 1927 opposing the introduction of a new prayer book.
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  • JPM/1/4

    On Larkhill Item

    Joseph Percival William Mallalieu's unfinished autobiography about the early years of his life. Foreword by Michael Foot MP, Tailpiece by Ben Mallalieu.

    JPW Mallalieu died in Mar 1980 leaving the first draft of his autobiography unfinished, the book was published posthumously in 1983.
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