• CVL/EM/5/1/9

    Huddersfield and District Workers' Demonstration balance sheet Item

    Itemised details of the income and expenditure for the Huddersfield and District Workers' Demonstration on 29 Jul 1919. The balance sheet was audited by members of the Independent Labour Party and Huddersfield Trades Council.
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  • CVL/EM/5/2

    History of the Independent Labour Party Item

    Compiled by H Senior, S Woodhead and H Tyas, Secretary for 'Coming of Age' Celebrations, Saturday 15 Oct 1927, with a photocopy of an Independen Labour Party leaflet entitled 'Help Yourself' and originally printed on 23 Aug 1902
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  • CVL/GV/1/1/1891

    Colne Valley Divisional Labour Union minute book Item

    The minutes record the formation of the Colne Valley Division of Labour Union on 21 July 1891 through to the the first General Council Meeting of the Colne Valley Labour League on 23 June 1900. The motion to form the Union was proposed by Mr George Hy Cotton, seconded by Mr Saville Hirst and supported by Mr George Garside, with the intention of forming 'a Labour Union on the lines of the Bradford Labour Union. To be called the Colne Valley Divisional Labour Union.' The minutes record the actions taken at each committee and council meeting.

    The minutes record: the names and personnel changes of the Union's Executive Committee members; the setting up of the membership subscription scheme; the organisation of public demonstrations and events; the Union's interaction with other Labour organsiations and trade unions; the creation of a constitution for the Colne Valley Labour Union; finances and the candidacy of Tom Mann as an Independent Labour Party candidate for the Colne Valley Division and his defeat in the general election of 1895. They also indicate a decline in the membership and activities of the Colne Valley Labour Union after 1895.
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  • CVL/GV/1/1/1900

    Colne Valley Labour League minute book Item

    The minutes record the first General Council Meeting of the Colne Valley Labour League at Slaithwaite on 23 June 1900 through to a Committee meeting on 12 March 1910. The minutes also record: the decisions to invite notable speakers to visit the Colne Valley including, Robert Blatchford, Bruce Glasier, Victor Grayson, Keir Hardie, Ramsay McDonald, Miss C[hristabel?] Pankhurst, and Philip Snowden; the 1904 County Council Election result in which the Labour candidate George Gaiside won; the 1907 County Council Election result in which the Liberal candidate Mr Goodall beat the Labour candidate Mr Farrington; the League's endorsement of candidates for and interaction with the Independent Labour Party's National Administrative Council (NAC); the adoption of Victor Grayson as Parliamentary candidate for the Colne Valley on 19 Jan 1907, his victory in the 1907 by-election (brought about by the sitting Liberal MP, Sir James Kitson, being elevated to the peerage), the criticism he received from the NAC regarding his poor attendance record in the House of Commons, and his indecision regarding standing for re-election in the 1910 and his subsequent defeat in the 1910 general election. The minutes also record the change in name of the party to the Colne Valley Socialist League.
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  • CVL/GV/1/1/1910

    Colne Valley Socialist League minute book Item

    The minutes record the readoption of Victor Grayson as socialist candidate for the Colne Valley in April 1911 and his resignation in 1915. The minutes also record: the secession of the League from the Independent Labour Party and its affiliation to the British Socialist Party; the decisions to invite notable speakers to visit the Colne Valley including Leonard Hall and Henry Mayers Hyndman; the League's protest at the arrests of trade unionists and the treatment of strikers by the government in 1912; Victor Grayson's letter of resignation as the Colne Valley Parliamentary candidate in May 1915; the events of conferences held on 20 Jan 1917 and 14 Apr 1917 in which it was agreed that a Divisional Labour Party for the Colne Valley should be formed; on 19 May 1917 the party agreed to send the secretary as a delegate to the Leeds conference on the Russian Revolution; the selection of Wilfred Whiteley as the Labour candidate for the 1918 election; the decision to reform the League in Oct 1918. The minute book also includes the minutes of the Slaithwaite County Council Election Committee (1919), minutes of the Golcar County Council Election Committee (1925), and minutes of the ILP Federation (1919-1928). At the back of the volume the details of the Executive Committee members are given.

    Regarding the First World War, at an Annual Council Meeting on 8 Apr 1916 the minutes record that the League 'reaffirms its belief in the principles of International Socialism, and, in our opinion, the only war with which the workers are concerned is the Class War, which affects workers in every civilised country, irrespective of race, colour or creed.' and the Council resolved that 'the Colne Valley Socialist League organise a "Stop the War Campaign" throughout the constituency'. On 14 Sep 1918 the minutes record that 'a resolution of protest be sent to the Prime Minister and Secretary [of the] Labour Party against the Allied forces going to Russia.'
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  • CVL/GV/1/3/6

    Meltham Socialist Party minute book Item

    This volume includes minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings and the Annual General Meetings. During part of the time that this volume covers, the Branch, through membership of the Colne Valley Socialist League, was affiliated to the British Socialist Party. On 26 Jan 1919 the Party agreed to become affiliated to the Independent Labour Party and change its name to the Meltham Branch of the Independent Labour Party.

    The minutes record that the Party held balls annually over the Christmas and New Year period. On 14 Nov 1914, 24 Dec 1914 and 23 Jan 1915 the Party held balls at Liberal Hall in aid of the Belgian Refugees Relief Fund, while on 17 Oct 1916 the Committee agreed 'to arrange for one ball only (on) 23 Dec 1916, owing to the likelihood of a poor attendance on Boxing Day... due to the young men being taken away to the War'.

    The minutes also record that: on the 28 Sep 1915 the Committee agreed to give £1 to the fund for the Relief of Russian Political Prisoners in Siberia; on 27 Nov 1917 the Committee agreed to 'write Comrade Ernest Victor Quarmby, conscientious objector to military service, who has been court marshalled three times and (is) now in the Work Centre, Knutsford Prison, Cheshire, to let him know that though he is at present out of sight, he is not out of mind, and reminded him of the good feeling that still exists towards him at home'; on 16 Mar 1919 the Committee agreed to 'write the local MP, Prime Minister, Home Secretary & Chairman of Parliamentary Labour Party, protesting against the continued imprisonment of conscientious objectors to military service since the signing of the armistice' and they agreed that in response to an advert by the Council, the most suit War Memorial would be the building of public baths with Gymnasium; on 19 Oct 1919 Sylvia Pankhurst spoke at a meeting of the Branch at Oddfellow's Hall.
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  • CVL/GV/3/2

    Rules of related organisations Item

    Mid 20th century - 1984
    Rules of Labour/socialist organisations collected by the Colne Valley Party. Including photocopies of: The Socialist Ten Commandments; the Aims, Objectives and Organisation of Socialist Sunday Schools; and the Rules of the Skelmanthorpe Independent Labour Party Working Men's Club, 1923. The records also includes original copies of The Rules of the Lincoln Labour Club, c 1969, and Institute and The Rules of The Workers Northern Publishing Society Limited, which includes an enclosed letter and share a certificate concerning Huddersfield Labour Party, 1957-1958, and a letter from Yorkshire Regional Council of The Labour Party enclosing the Model Rules for Workplace Branches of The Labour Party, 1984.
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  • CVL/MP/1/1/4

    Copy of proposed changes to party rules Item

    Late 20th century
    Copies of two pages of proposed changes to the (Independent Labour) Party rules, the pages relate to the parliamentary fund and the election policy of the party.
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  • CVL/MP/1/1/12

    Postcard from Victor Grayson to Arthur Bridge, Secretary of the Independent Labour Party Item

    Oct 1910
    The postcard reads 'Dear Comrade, all well. Shall be in good time on Friday. Kind regards, Victor Grayson
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  • GHW/C/A/036/36

    The Independent Labour party. What it is and where it stands. Item

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